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French photographer, art director and filmmaker based between Paris & Berlin. After completing my studies at Paris’ ESAG Penninghen, I launched to work with the perfume house Ormaie Paris. This first experience with commercial photography lead me to collaborate with different magazines and brands. Next to the advertising projects I experiment with printing processes including analogue colorprinting, cyanotype and serigraphy.

2022. Niki de Saint Phalle Fondation_Graphic Design
2022. An. Other Here Residency_Graphic Design
2022. Calvin Klein_Photography
2022. Perrier Jouët_Photography & Video
2022. Zalando_Photography
2022. Chanel_Collages
2022. Axel Morin_Collages
2022. Maison Margiela Fragrances_Art direction
2022. Ormaie Paris_Photography & Video
2021. Il Giardino Dei Tarocchi_Graphic Design
2021. Censis Rubiss_Photography
2021. Backsteinboot_Art Residency
2021. Bactsteinboot_Exhibition Berliner Blau
2021. Filling Pieces_Photography
2020. Boucheron_Graphic Design
2020. Modernariato_Video
2019. Soeur Paris_Video
2019. M le Monde_Photography
2019. Atelier du Pont_Photography
2019. Masterming Magazine_Photography
2018. Jade Lombard_Art Director Assistant

By reappropriating the codes of still life advertising photography I seek to create an imaginary world. My studio is the place of physical creation - where I build the «scene». This process of setting up, which could be compared to manual practices such as sculpture, allows me to find a materiality. I also find this materiality in my medium which is shooting in medium format film. Beyond the question of the materiality, there is also the question of the arrangement of the objects in the space. The scenes are no longer a replication of reality -  they are imaginary and abstract. Isolated, autonomous and structured environments - not just fragments of reality. I create the illusion that the objects represented are out of the world by treating them as sculptural forms. I create a field of research through the choice of the subject, composition, depth of field, space and transparency. I aim to derealize the scene as opposed to simply replicate it.